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The following trials/fun matches are available for online entry:

Professionnel Légitime Canin June 2, 2017 AAC Trial
Nanaimo Kennel Club June 17, 2017 CKC Trial
Dog 'O' Pogo Agility June 24, 2017 AAC Trial
Paws Squad July 15, 2017 AAC Trial
Rave Dog Sports July 21, 2017 AAC Trial
Professionnel Légitime Canin August 25, 2017 AAC Trial
Cariboo Agility Team August 26, 2017 AAC Trial

The following trials will be opening for entry soon:

Capital Comets Dog Sports Club Jul 14, 2017 AAC TrialMay 29, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Agility Rocks! Trial Scoring Software

The newest version is released 21-May-2017 for single-user, bug fixes.

The update includes the new SCT times for AAC Regionals scoring.
The update includes the new scoring and Jumps & Tunnels class for CKC.
The update includes the new scoring for Team Relay.
The update included the scoring and reporting for AAC double-drop vets. Subsequent versions include several bug fixes. I apologize to those who tried and liked the running order changes. It didn't work with dogs entered FEO and groups used in Regionals, so the old system is back.

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My Dogs

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