Agility Rocks!



The following trials/fun matches are available for online entry:

Club d'Agilité Montérégie May 12, 2014 AAC Trial
Kee-Gigg K'9s May 17, 2014 AAC Trial
Q-Ball Dog Agility Inc May 25, 2014 Fun Match
Club d'Agilité Montérégie May 30, 2014 AAC Trial
Club d'Agilité Montérégie June 11, 2014 AAC Trial
Kee-Gigg K'9s June 20, 2014 AAC Trial

The following trials will be opening for entry soon:

Central Okanagan Dog Agility Club Jun 14, 2014 AAC TrialMay 17, 2014

Agility Rocks! Trial Scoring Software

The new version is released 23-Apr-2014.

This includes several enhancements and a new module for CKC trials.

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July 2013

My Dogs

Are all Papillons, also known as the butterfly dog. We've had a lot of fun competing over the last few years. Agility rocks!