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AAC and CKC agility trial scoring software

Available for 'try before you buy'! The 30-day evaluation is a full working version for you to put through its paces.

The following prerequisites are required:

The setup program will install the prerequisites if they are not already installed on your computer. Agility Rocks! has been tested on Windows 10 and 7. It will run on Windows 11 but has not been extensively tested. It will not run on older versions of Windows and is not available in a Mac version.
The minimum memory requirement is 1Gb of ram, but it will run much better with 2Gb or more.

Scroll down this page for new installation instructions for users upgrading from version 1.

The setup instructions pdf file includes basic instructions for using the program. Help is available from any form in the program by pressing the F1 key or clicking the ? in the upper right.

More enhancements are planned and your questions and suggestions are always welcome.

Version fixes an issue where the Biathlon Combined Results report did not display properly for DNR dogs.
Version fixes an issue where Team Relay Q's did not appear on Qualifying Dogs report. Fixes issue with Biathlon Combined Results report for dogs that only entered in one of the two Biathlon events. Adds ability to edit RV-specific fields for RV fees.
Version adds support for the AAC International Biathlon stream.
Version changes AAC "Senior/Dosabled" labels and report fields to "Accessibility Option". Adds timezone setting for trials that are posted online.
Version supports changes to AAC qualifying scores for Junior Handlers - Junior Handlers will qualify for Nationals with an aggregate score of 300, not 350.
Version fixes an issue preventing trial settings from being exported. Fixes an issue on the Run order screen where the last dog in the list would not be included in the check for duplicate dogs.
Version includes updates to support AAC Team Relay rule updates going into effect Jan 1, 2024. Includes a fix for Team Relay SCT calculations for Teams with one or more S/D handlers.
Version fixes an import issue where handlers with new dogs would import as new handlers. Added the ability to merge owner records. Fixed issue that stopped S/D flag from updating properly on the Entries screen.
Version fixes an issue with loading the Nationals scoring screen and missing field for fresh installs.
Version fixes an issue with Teams Runs scoring and Q calculating.
Version adds "Full Fees Paid" checkbox on scoring screens to track runs that were registered as regular but changed to FEO/FFO at the trial; CKC Number of Runs Judged report updated to include this new information as well as the number of CCN runs; CKC Marked Catalog report updated to indicate runs that were moved to FFO at trial; updated run order screen to highlight handlers with multiple dogs; updated so that restoring from a database backup will not automatically delete the database being overwritten; added fields to Trial Setup screen for use with online trial registration; added ability to export and import trial settings; added diagnostic logging.
Version adds RV Fee as a fee type, adds email addresses to financial reports, includes changes to import extra fields from Agility Rocks website.
Version fixes an import issue where specific handler/dog combinations causes error when importing into application.
Version fixes an issue where Bill amounts are not calculating correctly if fee packages are set up for multi-dog handlers with FEO runs. Updated Run Order screen to prevent printing the Run Order report if the changes have not been saved. Fixes issue where unordered runs were being missed when printing the Run Order report. Fixes several issues with entry import for handlers who have changed their name, or have new dogs in the import files.
Version fixes the start times on trials not updating when the trial start or end date is changed. Check for Updates is now working again. Updated with new ownership information. Updated license validation module. Fixes an issue where dogs can get reassigned to different users under specific circumstances when importing online trial entries. Updated options to remove leading/trailing whitespaces from mail server names. Added ability to export Running Order as a .csv file.

Version fixes the CKC catalog not including the FFO runs correctly, and the table default in AAC scoring. Adds a new report for all entries including email address.
Version fixes the incorrect totals in the AAC Runs Per Judge report.
Version fixes a bug when saving the email setting for scores, and DNR dogs incorrectly added to the FEO total in Runs Per Judge report when FEO is set on a DNR run.
Version fixes the wrong fee being used for junior handlers in the bills, and adds the score emailing to all trials instead of just AAC Regionals.
Version fixes the qualifying dogs report that was including unofficial runs, and adds a separate column for FFO dogs on the CKC number of runs report.
Version fixes an error in the bill items when a package fee applies.
Version fixes the error in Entries view when checking the FEO box.
Version adds the regional classes to the qualifying dogs list.
Version fixes the E bug in Steeplechase scoring.
Version adds the AAC full results report, extends the no table rule to December 31, 2021, removes the FFO entries from the CKC catalog report and adds a new CKC short format results report for on-site posting (less paper).
Version adds the new AAC senior/disabled handlers flag and scoring.
Version adds the day/ring to the confirmations and lists classes in schedule order. Adds an option to show the class list in Entries view in schedule order or performance level order. Updated email and pdf to more current versions.
Version fixes a bug that stopped the CKC catalog for one event from printing.
Version fixes a bug that caused missing dogs on the Running Order report.
Version fixes a bug causing an error when creating a new database.
Version fixes a bug in the CKC entry download for the senior handler flag.
Version makes the table optional for Starter/Advanced Standard to comply with the AAC ruling because of Covid-19. Fixes a bug in team relay SCT calculation when a Junior handler runs with a vet and both are classed as small.
Version fixes a bug in the Running Order view for team pairing that caused an error when saved.
Version adds the new CKC setting and scoring for Senior/Disabled handlers. Adds menu items to calculate SCT for AAC. Fixed SCT calculation for CKC classes was not working correctly for large dogs. Fixed CKC catalog where first line for a dog ran off the page if too long.
Version adds the new CKC FFO for runs. Adds a new Q report without the handlers address. Adds the TCN designation for CKC numbers. Adds a column for DNR dogs on the AAC number of runs judged report. Fixed an error when deleting multiple runs from an entry and an error when deleting an entry with no runs.
Version fix a couple of Nationals printing bugs and fixes the T (table) fault in CKC not scoring correctly.
Version adds a Test Email button to the Options form and fixes a Nationals bug where the "More" tab in the bill did not save for some competitors. Also changed to more secure email sending.
Version fixes the "missing Q" problem in CKC scoring. Also the problem of Eliminated not clearing when entering the score for the next dog.
Version fixes the gatesheets and scribe sheets order for regionals using armbands only.
Version fixes a bug preventing the regionals qualifying report from printing correctly.
Version fixes a bug in scoring for 4in. junior handlers. The SCT was not showing or calculating.
Version fixes a bug preventing the scoring for regionals classes from opening, and the Mini sct was not printing on the aggregates report.
Version fixes a bug in Challenge scoring with only 1 dog in the height division.
Version fixes a bug saving merchandise in Regionals/Nationals trials.
Version adds the scoring for CKC International classes.
Version adds a flag for height card check and fixes a bug moving dogs in the running order view.
Version fixes a bug affecting printing the gate and scribe sheets.
Version includes the new 2018 AAC heights and scoring and fixes a bug in the Gambler scoring that allowed gamble points when the dog was over time.

Version fixes CKC bugs and the AAC SCT edit form opening incorrectly.
Version single-user only, fixes a CKC bug for PAD class not summing points.
Version fixes a bug preventing printing Regionals aggregates in single-user only.
Version fixes CKC Standard class SCT not calculating Select 16 and 24 in. on first entry.
Version adds full recalc function in scoring for Regionals. Prints armband# if used, on scribe sheets.
Version adds the new SCT times for Regionals only, and a couple of small bug fixes.
Version adds the new CKC class Jumps & Tunnels and the SCT changes for CKC Steeplechase, as well as several bug fixes.
Version adds a recalculation function for all runs in AAC classes except Challenge and Team Relay.
Version includes the new scoring for Team Relay.
Versions to have minor bug fixes mostly in the Regionals/Nationals versions.
Version fixes an error on import for new DDVets and an error when changing a height division for a dog entered in a Team Relay class.
Version 2.2 adds the AAC double-drop vets scoring and reporting for regular trials. The CKC catalog now prints 'Canine Companion' as the breed for all dogs with a CCN number, per CKC requirements. All other reports use the breed entered in the owner view.

Version adds a W instead of V for double-drop vets heights in the forms. The is now a box in the Options for your name or club name as well as your email address for outgoing email. The incorrect points in Snooker for double-drop vets was fixed.
Version adds for the CKC All Entries report an ME instead of just E for the Master Excellent class codes. Also has several bug fixes including when entering a T in scoring the E flag is now set correctly, and gate sheets and scribe sheets not printing for Team Relay. The versions between this and were mostly changes and fixes for the Nationals.
Version has a major revision to the handling of Running Order behind the scenes. In the Entries view this puts newly-added classes into the correct height division instead of at the end of the class. The 'missing' versions dealt with revisions for Nationals only.
Version Adds a Refund item for bills, a shorter Running Order report, and Q/NQ added to the Score Checklist. Fixes bill not deleted with entry, "specified cast not valid" error when opening Entries view, double-drop vets missing from Challenge results, overlapped names on Team Relay scribe page.
Version fixes a bug stopping the score details from saving correctly.
Version fixes a bug opening the scoring form for a CKC trial.
Version adds SCT checking for AAC trials, and a few minor bug fixes.
Version includes a couple of bug fixes that were reported.
Version adds new fees and an updated help file. Click on the ? on any form for help with that form. Also for CKC adds certifications to the marked catalog, and printing F on results when marked failure to perform.
Version includes a fix for an error happening on some new installs when you try to load your license.
Version includes a fix for an error happening on a new install of the program. Also there is a new format for the confirmations. You can go back to the old format by changing the new selection on the Options page.
Version includes fixes for several bugs that have been reported.
Version includes some bug fixes for the CKC reports, and has increased the maximum number of classes allowed in the Class Settings form.

NOTE to all those upgrading from version 1. If you have already upgraded to version 2 this does not affect you. I have changed the install and update methods used by the program to avoid future issues when my code certificate is renewed. The installation instructions are listed below. You only need to do this once, the Help->Check for updates will work correctly after that.
Your data file and license will not be affected by this.

  1. Click the Download link and save AgilityRocksSetup.exe to your computer.
  2. Back up your data file "just in case".
  3. Make a note of all your settings in the Options form.
    You will need to re-enter these after the install.
  4. Uninstall AgilityRocks! from Windows Control Panel.
  5. Locate AgilityRocksSetup.exe on your computer in the folder you saved it into, and run it to start the setup.
  6. If Windows asks you for permissions click Yes, Ok or Continue.
  7. Follow the steps in the setup wizard to complete the setup.
  8. When Agility Rocks starts, re-enter your Options settings.
  9. Save your Options. You will get a message about a database update. Click Ok.
Always Try'n

Released: 8-July-2024


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$275 for AAC or CKC scoring
$325 for both

1-yr renewal $60 for AAC or CKC
1-yr renewal $70 for both

Please email me to purchase or to request pricing for AAC Regionals or Nationals licenses.